What If It’s All A Blessing

As many of you know, my family and I had a front row seat and backstage pass to the Great Recession. For the record, there was nothing ‘Great’ about it. In fact it was one big giant pain in the butt. However, there are blessings in all things. My good friend, Perry Marshall, interviewed me […] Read more »

A Shotgun, A Fly Rod And A Car That Would Start

This week I’m in Vegas at the MGM Grand. Throughout the entire facility, they advertise their upcoming shows. Madonna, Justin Bieber and ANDREA BOCELLI. In case you don’t know who Andrea Bocelli is, let me tell you. He is a worldwide famous Italian singer who has sold 75 million records worldwide. His concerts sell for hundreds […] Read more »

Is The American Dream Dead?

This week Time Magazine’s cover asked the question “Is The American Dream Dead?” You can guess what is on the inside. Stories of how much harder it is to make it in America today, how the rich are getting richer, the little guy doesn’t stand a chance and how the generations before us had it […] Read more »

My First Thank(ful) Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving in 2008 was one of the most unique and painful of my life. I had come to the realization that my business was beyond repair. Having not pulled a check out for months on end, revenue had dropped to such a level that keeping the lights on and the rent paid in my […] Read more »

Quit Wearing Someone Else’s Armor Into Battle

Most people are living someone else’s life. The life their parents, spouse, friends, neighbors or society envisioned for them.  This leads to a miserable, unfulfilled existense on planet earth. Growing up, most of us have heard the story of David vs. Goliath. Either in Sunday school, temple or watching sports. Heck America is an entire […] Read more »