The Side Business You Didn’t See In Caddyshack

Most businesses leave a ton of money on the table in every transaction. They make the first sale and think they’ve accomplished something big. In reality, they’ve left big money on the table.

Back in 1984, I started working in the golf bag room at my local golf club. It was kind of like a kinder gentler Caddyshack kind of place.

My job was  getting carts for the members, their guests and making sure everyone had a good time.

We’d get tips for getting bags, carts, cleaning clubs. You’d make $40 a day on a weekend if you knew what you were doing. But one day I stumbled upon a simple way to turn $40 into $100 a day and it wasn’t a craps game. (Remember this is 1984, so $100 when you’re 16 is big time money.)

One day I’m working with Mike Lyons One of the members pulls up in his 700 series BMW. We get his bag and then he looks at us and asks.. “Hey, do you guys wash cars?” Mike and I look at each other and say “Sure”.

Great, I’ll pay you $20 to wash and wax my car. Make sure you vacuum the inside and don’t armourall the seats. I’ll be done around 2 or 3 today.

He flipped us the keys and went on his way to play 18 holes.

Mike and I didn’t really know what we were  doing, but we took the car up to the cart barn after work. We washed and waxed his car. When we finished he gave us $20 and a $5 tip.

The next weekend, same thing happened, except this time we started asking some of the members with the nicer cars if they’d like their car detailed while playing golf.  (Note target market.. nice cars.)

Before we knew it, we were doing 5 to 10 cars on Saturdays. We eventually hired a few younger kids to do the basic work for us, while we worked our regular gig til 1 PM at the club.

This opened up to all kinds of side gigs. We shined shoes, babysat kids in a pinch, picked up groceries, moved furniture (not my favorite) you name it.

Everyone in the club knew to call Mike or Matt. If we couldn’t do it, we had a small network of guys who would do some work.

The best part was the golf off season. We still had money coming in from side jobs in the golf community. Need a holiday bartender? Waiter? Call us (Remember we were 16, 17 and 18 years old, so working the bar was a great gig.)

In your business today, there is a simple upsell that will double or triple your business. Most of the time your customer will suggest it to you.

It deepens the relationship and they even remember you when the slow season comes around.

How can you offer additional services to your customers. What else do they need and how can you deliver it to them increasing your revenue.

Til next time.

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