A Shotgun, A Fly Rod And A Car That Would Start

This week I’m in Vegas at the MGM Grand. Throughout the entire facility, they advertise their upcoming shows. Madonna, Justin Bieber and ANDREA BOCELLI. In case you don’t know who Andrea Bocelli is, let me tell you.

He is a worldwide famous Italian singer who has sold 75 million records worldwide. His concerts sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars per seat. He has sung for Kings, Queens, the Pope and countless other dignitaries worldwide.

To top it off, he is blind. His worldly vision may be gone, but his vision of his dreams are alive and well in his mind and heart. He sang as a young boy to comfort himself. Now his songs comfort millions worldwide.

He has decided to NOT let his lack of eye sight get in the way of his vision.

What’s your excuse?

While in Vegas attending the financial services convention, they had numerous agents sharing their success. Over half of the folks on stage had this in common:

  1. They weren’t born in America.
  2. They struggle to speak the language clearly.
  3. They had no confidence in their abilities when they started.
  4. They just had a dream and determination.
All who were on stage are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year SELLING!.
What’s your excuse?
Michael Jordan was cut from his High School basketball team as a junior.
What’s your excuse?
Ray Charles couldn’t see but entertained millions.
What’s your excuse?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, couldn’t act, speak or remember lines. He makes millions in movies and was elected Governor of California.
What’s your excuse?
Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan had alcoholic fathers, who were abusive.
What’s your excuse?
Abraham Lincoln went broke three times and lost the election to the US Senate before being elected President.
What’s your excuse?
I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.
People are always looking for a reason why they don’t succeed. In my time coaching over 3,250 business owners worldwide those who succeed don’t come up with excuses. They come up with a reason WHY they want to succeed.
They want to right a wrong. Solve an injustice, give people a chance.
Start with a WHY you want to do something. I had lunch today with a guy who started in the business in 1978. His reason why he wanted to succeed? It wasn’t world hunger, solving an injustice or giving clean water to Africa.
His reason why? A fly rod, a shotgun and a car that would start.
He has gone on to be one of the most successful insurance and financial representatives in the country. No excuses, just a reason why.
Here’s my advice to anyone who isn’t living the life of dreams they want to today.
Ditch the excuses, envision the dream and live out the whys.

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