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Matthew Gillogly

I grew up Irish-Catholic-Democrat on the Northwest side of Chicago. I’m the youngest of 6 kids. We had the small family on the block. My dad grew up in the depression, fought in WW II (albeit stateside in the Marines) and owned his own business.

He died when I was 13, right next to me watching a baseball game. It is what it is.

My mom is a tough as nails, determined woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Including her youngest son.

I’ve been able to shed most of the birth right dispositions, except being Irish. That still sticks and I’m okay with it.

Throughout my life, the journey of life has been full of interesting observations, books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched that have shaped me into the person I am to this day. Hopefully my sharing this list helps you on your journey.

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