Easiest Way To Make Million Dollars? Sell A Solution To Financial Chaos.

When we moved from the 20th century to the 21st century, there was a big hub bub on Y2K and the ensuing financial chaos. If you are over 25 you probably remember that the world was going to end.

ATM machines wouldn’t work, bank balances would disappear, the stock market would crash, gasoline prices would sky rocket and the world would be sent into financial chaos.

The cause? Y2K. What is Y2K. It was a computer programming bug whereby at the turn of the century, the computers wouldn’t roll forward to the year 2000, but roll back to the year 1900. All because of a programming error of using two digits on a date, not four.

The end result would be widespread financial chaos.

This created a tremendous financial windfall for a number of people. Computer companies sold billions of dollars of programming fixes to banks and other businesses worldwide.

Online marketers sold information products on how to survive in a Y2K world. What kinds of non perishables you would need, where to buy gold and silver, how to protect your family and how to shoot a gun. To this day, I know people who bought and installed Y2K survival kits in the house.

Then there was the church. To some extremists this was the rapture. Jesus was gonna come back, God was going to pour out his wrath on America because of abortion, gay marriage, our moving off the gold standard and countless other sins of our country.

In the end, Y2K never really happened. The fixes were made, the ATM’s worked and life went on as normal.

For centuries man has used real possibilities (albeit slight) to make millions selling solutions. Fallout shelters, global cooling, global warming, nuclear war, terrorism, you name it, man has used it to sell and make millions.

What is today’s ‘financial chaos’? The collapse of the US Dollar.

For the record, I think there is a chance our US dollar could collapse. There is always a chance. Trillions in debt, economic instability, a rising China, all could come together to cause the dollar to collapse.

The debate here is not the actual chance the dollar will collapse, but the marketing lesson to be learned.

Man can manipulate another man, simply by using ‘fear’ and the ‘end of the world as we know it’. Marketing fear of loss is one of the most powerful ways to get a prospect to part ways with their money. I know, because I used it for years selling from the front of the room and online.

This tactic is not just used by front of the room pitch men and online marketers. It’s also used by the church… any religious institution or political parties. Christian, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Muslim, Jewish, New Age, Cults, Jim Jones.. you name it.

The pitch goes something like this; “If you don’t do “X”, you life will look like “Y” (poor, broke, family at risk, children being sold into slavery, etc.) but if you do “A” your life will look like “B” (peaceful, harmony, neighbors envious because you took preventative action)

This pitch has been used to get people to vote for political candidates, join unions, tithe, contribute to building campaigns, buy get rich quick products, plastic surgery, buy vitamins… the list goes on and on.

Does this mean that all of those things are horrible? Not at all. Each one of these products and services has a value and done in a spirit of LOVE and RESPECT can benefit those who really need these items.

You can sell, logically and in a spirit of LOVE, without FEAR and manipulation the benefits and wisdom of owning Gold and Silver.

You can use LOVE to sell the benefits of balancing state and federal budgets, plus the sacrifices that will have to be made by all citizens to keep America, America.

You can use RESPECT to sell the benefits of plastic surgery. I know a number of people who now have better confidence because of the wonders of modern plastic surgery. (And I’m not just talking breast implants guys.)

Can you make a million dollars easier by using FEAR? Hell yes.

Is it worth it in the long run… Hell no.

Have  a great day,

Matthew Gillogly

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