Isn’t Direct Mail Dead?

On the contrary, direct mail is working BETTER in many niches than online marketing. Why? Well there’s a few reasons and suspicions. My first gut reaction is there’s less competition. Second, those who are left, aren’t that good. Finally, in a recent direct mail offer in a highly competitive market (Business Opportunity) one of my […] Read more »

Quaddafi, Marketing And Ignoring Your Customer

The weekend brought an end to one of America’s long lasting thorns in the side. Libayan leader Quaddafi seems to have finally lost power.  Believe it or not, there’s a direct correlation to your business and marketing. Quaddafi has lost power for a number of reasons. 42 years of being a weirdo on a national […] Read more »

The Merry Go Round vs. The Roller Coaster

Which one do you prefer, the Merry-Go-Round or the Roller-Coaster? Do you like things that are simple, predictable and safe? Or do you like to get the thrill of your lifetime taking dips, turns and screaming at the top of your lungs for it to stop? If you go to the amusement park, you’ll see […] Read more »

Easiest Way To Make Million Dollars? Sell A Solution To Financial Chaos.

When we moved from the 20th century to the 21st century, there was a big hub bub on Y2K and the ensuing financial chaos. If you are over 25 you probably remember that the world was going to end. ATM machines wouldn’t work, bank balances would disappear, the stock market would crash, gasoline prices would […] Read more »