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If you own your own business or are in charge of the revenue for your owners, growing revenues and profits is a never-ending quest.

Just when you think you have the right amount of leads, sales or prospects the business seems to demand more.  There never seems to be enough money for lead generation, growth or staffing.

To make matters worse, just when you think a positive breakthrough is happening in the business. It seems to go flat or regress backwards.

It’s frustrating and I know exactly how you feel.

Since 1996, I have worked with companies and individuals to create massive revenue and profit turnarounds in their business.

I have worked with businesses on 4 continents, in 24 different industries. Online, offline, brick and mortar, there is hardly a business model where I have not worked and created a minimum 35% revenue growth in just one year.

The fact of the matter is, my clients traditionally experience 50% to 100% revenue growth in one year.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you and your business and…

Why You Don’t Have Enough Income In Your Business

There are three simple reasons why you don’t have enough income in your business. And the solution is NOT working harder. The reasons why you don’t have enough income are:

  • You don’t have enough new leads.
  • You don’t have a great relationship with your current customers and prospects
  • You don’t know how to create new income streams from the customer you already have, leaving you begging for leads.

Let me be clear about something and I’ll make a bold promise.

If you have a list of prospects and customers, I will grow your business revenues by 35% in one year without generating one new lead.

But what if you don’t have a list you ask? It can still be done. You’ll just need to follow my plan for generating new highly targeted leads.

My clients pay me $3,500 to $5,000 per month, plus a percentage of the increase (between 4% and 12%) and they contract me for a minimum of 18 months.

I am, in short their outsourced Chief Marketing Officer.  The do this because I get results in steady, predictable and consistent manner.

How would you like to access my 15 plus years of experience, gain access to some of my best tools and get a personal strategy for your business?

How To Experience 35% Revenue Growth In Your Business

For the past five years, I have been working with some top leaders in their industries to massively grow their business. Many had hit the ceiling in revenue growth and didn’t think it was possible to grow 35% in one year.

After the year they were shocked.  Here are some quick results…

  • A well-known financial publisher grew 125% in one year.
  • Famous online marketer grew 65%
  • Brick and mortar business in Orlando, FL went from $20,000 a month to $85,000 a month.
  • Small financial services in Southern California firm added 21 new strategic partners in 6 months equaling $100 million in new assets.
  • Specialized information marketing company added 14 new clients to the highest level consulting program, adding 33% new monthly revenue in just 90 days.

That’s just the beginning for them.

Will You Be My Next Success Story?

For a limited time, I am making an incredible offer to work with 12 businesses.   You will have access to the best tools and me for growing your business. At the end of our time together, we may find it in both our best interests to work in a long-term relationship.

Why on earth would I do such a thing?

I fully expect to sell out these packages.

But I have an ulterior motive.

I am looking for the next 3 great success stories.

In the next two months, my goal is to identify three new companies that will input my systems and strategies to massively grow their business and I will work personally with them to implement, track, dissect and improve their results.

Act Now To Be One Of The 12

This offer is only good for the first 12 who sig up below. Then I will remove this offer.

Here is what you receive:

35% Revenue Growth Package – Phone

  • Business Discovery Process – Once you sign up, I’ll send you a document that will enable me to understand your business. It is extensive and will take you a bit of time to fill it out. However, the more open you are, the better I can help you grow your business by at least 35%.
  • 60 Minute Strategy Call – Once you return the document, within 2 weeks, we’ll schedule your call. The call will be recorded and transcribed for you. Feel free to invite other key members of your team to the call.
  • Tools, Reference Points And Examples As Needed – During our call, I’ll share with you specific strategies and tactics to grow your business by 35% in one year. But I won’t leave you hanging. I’ll point you in the right direction for additional resources, send you the appropriate documents or scripts as I see fit.
  • 30 Minute Follow Up Strategy – Within 2 weeks of our 60 minute call, we will get on the phone to answer any last minute questions or clarify specific strategies. These calls are critical to taking the next steps to implementation.

The fee for this is normally $1,500, however for the first 12, I will provide all of this for only $500.

That’s a steal. 

Rather meet face to face? Then consider choosing my Strategy Day In Charlotte.

You get everything above, but we change out the 60 minute strategy call with a 4 hour consult in Charlotte, NC.

We will meet at my private club – TPC Piper Glen, record the day and dive deep into your business. You may bring up to 3 additional people to the day, provided they are a business partner, key employee or significant other.

The fee for a day with me is normally $4,000, but I am making this available to you for $995. All you have to do is choose which one is best for you. 

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I highly encourage you to take the next step. If you wonder about my abilities, here are some testimonials from client, both past and current.

Stay salty,

Matthew Gillogly

PS. If you are a golfer and want to meet face to face in Charlotte, why don’t you  bring you golf clubs and we’ll play TPC Piper Glen. I’ll even pay for the golf.

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