Quaddafi, Marketing And Ignoring Your Customer

The weekend brought an end to one of America’s long lasting thorns in the side. Libayan leader Quaddafi seems to have finally lost power.  Believe it or not, there’s a direct correlation to your business and marketing.

Quaddafi has lost power for a number of reasons. 42 years of being a weirdo on a national stage won’t make you many friends in the international community.

Yet, his great mistake was ignoring his ‘customers’ otherwise known as his citizens.

For 42 years the international community tried to kick him out of office, but to no avail. It was his citizens who finally had enough of him, high unemployement, low wages, poverty, lack of news freedom and many other items that caused the citizens to rise up and over throw his government.

In the end Quaddafi is crazy, but he lost touch with his customers just like despots such as: Baby Doc Duvalier, The Shah of Iran, Mubarak, just to name  a few. Each one of these rulers decided

they knew more of what their people wanted vs. listening to what they wanted.

It happens all the time. Leaders of companies get insulated from the real world and lose sight of what really matters to their customer. They trade humility for ego. In ruling a country it results in a coup or a lost election.

In your business it results in horrible revenues, increased expenses and in extreme cases a lost business.

Start each day with humilty towards your customer and their plight. Go back to your days when you were just starting out. What did you want, need or desire. What problem did you need solved.

Then humbly and gracefully fill the need and desire that truly solves their problem.

To ignore this will put you on the garbage dump of failed businesses.

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