Quit Wearing Someone Else’s Armor Into Battle

Most people are living someone else’s life.

The life their parents, spouse, friends, neighbors or society envisioned for them.  This leads to a miserable, unfulfilled existense on planet earth.

Growing up, most of us have heard the story of David vs. Goliath. Either in Sunday school, temple or watching sports. Heck America is an entire country built on David beating Goliath (See Revolutionary War, WWI, WWII and the Jets winning the Super Bowl over the Colts.)

We love the story of  little David beating Goliath. It gives us all hope that we will beat the giants in our life. Magically one day, things will work out, the boogey man will leave the closet and we’ll live happily ever after.

Problem is, we miss the entire back story on David and don’t realize, he’d beaten smaller/lesser Goliaths along the way in his life.

David was the runt of his family liter. While the other brothers are getting in line to see if they are anointed one, David is out tending the sheep. When his brothers go off to war to fight Goliath, David’s still in the field tending the sheep. Relegated to delivering bread and cheese to his brothers and getting ridiculed.

A seemingly boring existence. Except while David was doing ‘boring work’ he was learning to kill the little enemies of the pasture. The lion, the bear and wolves. All through the use of a slingshot. David was learning the fundamentals of killing big animals. His brothers were not.

Fast forward and we see David going into battle against Goliath. But we miss another part of the story. Just before going into battle, King Saul (he who promised to whomever could beat Goliath, riches, his daughter and no taxes for life) offered to put his armor on David.

Problem is, it didn’t fit David. It was took big, bulky and wasn’t comfortable. Quickly David shunned the armor and went out with just his slingshot.

I’m sure those on the Israeli army didn’t want to watch too closely. Here’s this little scrawny guy going out to fight Goliath without any armor, sword or shield. Just a slingshot. While Goliath had all this armor on him.

There stands David. All 5 foot 3 inches against the 9 foot giant. Yet, David has a secret weapon. His slingshot and three smooth stones.

Ever wonder about that last part. ‘Three smooth stones’. Why are they smooth? Why not rough, or jagged edged, pointy. I’ll tell you why. David had knowledge from using his slingshot in the wilderness. He knew the smooth stones would travel more true to their target, than the jagged edge ones.

You see, David had perfected the art of killing lions, bears and other nasty creatures using a slingshot.  He had knowledge… specialized knowledge on how to use his special tool to accomplish his goal. Killing giants.

It took years for David to learn how to use the slingshot to perfection. I’m sure many times he missed. Maybe he bought a few books at the local store, had one of the guys coach him, but it wasn’t until he actually did the skill. Until he learned it, internalized it and made it his own that he became an expert.

An expert at killing giants.

What about you?

What is your slingshot skill you are learning?

Each and everyone of us has to go through and learn how to make any skill our own. Playing golf, raising kids, driving a car, doing laundry, writing a marketing piece, talking to members of the opposite sex, yes even killing giants.  You name it.

In our society today, we just want the blueprint. The ‘magic pill’ to riches, wealth and the easy life. No such thing exists.

Let me tell you something. The riches don’t come until you learn a skill in such a way that you reach mastery. Mastery only comes through failure. You have to learn how to take anything and make it part of you, your uniqueness and your life story.

What we want is to wear someone else’s armor into battle, hoping it will lead us to victory. If David did that, we’d not have the story of David. Goliath would have won and Israel would cease to exist.

Your journey, your struggles, are unique yours and yours alone.

Embrace them, see how they are creating the story of you. The unique mosaic of who you are and what you are becoming.

Then and only then can you reach down, pull the right three smooth stones and kill the giants in your life.


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