The $6,000 Entrepreneur Gamble And A 10 Year Anniversary

In the summer of 2001, my life changed in many extreme ways. It was when I stepped into working on my dream and not just dreaming about the dream.

That summer, I invested $6,000 on my AMEX card to enter into Robert Allen’s Millionaire Protege Program.  Within days a massive box of material that weighed about 50 pounds showed up at my door. In it were the keys to kingdom of wealth and riches.

In the Protege program one could learn about making money in; the stock market, real estate, foreclosures, tax liens, information marketing, public speaking and other entrepreneurial endeavors.

I thought I’d found a slice of heaven. For me it turned out to be EXACTLY what I needed to get pass dreaming and moving onto doing.

The package came with a weekend Millionaire Retreat in Atlanta, GA. Included was a full day of training with Robert Allen and then two more days of ‘experts’ teaching and selling you their knowledge.

Some attendees were pissed. One guy called it a ‘giant infomercial’. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

For the first time in my 31 years, I realized I was not alone. There were others who had the same big dreams about entrepreneurship. My umbilical cord had found a place to plug in and learn.

And boy did I learn. While others whined about programs not working exactly  as promised, I moved forward in a blind faith. I found those who were successes, bought em dinner, I got up early to study and went to bed late after attending teleseminars and other training.

I felt like a starving hungry child who couldn’t get enough to eat. Each day was a new step in my new journey and the doors opening in my life were amazing.

Within 60 days of getting my 50 pound package, I purchased my first investment duplex. (We closed 7 days after 9/11) Within 120 days, I began a process to buy the golf club I was running. Eventually pulling out of the deal last minute due to partner issues.

Within 10 months, I’d quit my job and moved to being an entrepreneur full time.

When I’d attend the other Millionaire Protege events, others were now coming to me to ask me how I did it.  They were amazed at how far I’d come, now I was the ‘celebrity’.

My secret? Well it comes down to a few basics.

1. Practice the fundamentals every single day for at least an hour. My brother is a successful professional piano player. He’s been playing for 30 plus years. Want to know what he does everyday? Scales. The fundamentals of playing.

2. Blind faith. I took what was in the materials and did it exactly as they told me to do it. Until I was proven otherwise it wouldn’t work. Did it all work as they said? NO… but that’s not the point. If everything worked exactly as described, we’d all be millionaires.

3. No worries. When you worry, you suck the food out of your dream. In 10 years, my belief is “It will ALWAYS work out the way it’s intended to work out. It may not work out they way I want it, but it will always work out.”

In 10 years, I’ve yet to be disappointed.

4. The corridor principle.  Simply put, you can not see other opportunities that will come your way, by sitting on the sidelines. As you move down the corridor of entrepreneurship doors will open, you never thought possible. To think that 10 years AFTER starting, I’d be doing and working with some of the same people who mentored me, was unimaginable.

My life as an entrepreneur is vastly different than I ever imagined. Has it been hard. Dam right it has. However it sure beats working for someone else.


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