Uncle Lenny, Mr. Woznaski And The $5 Tip

My first real job was working in the bag room of Lake Barrington Shores Golf Club.  It was my first initiation into the world of customer based sales. The real money in that job was getting the members to tip you.

In the morning, members would pull up with their car, you’d unload their clubs and in 50% of the cases you’d get a $1 tip.

When the members finished their round, you’d offer to clean up their clubs and put em in their car, then deliver the keys to them in the bar. Usually worth another $1. If the guy won that day, you might get $5.

You quickly figured out who were the good tippers and who were the cheap skates.

Take for example Mr. Woznaski and Uncle Lenny. They played in the same group every weekend. They were grade school friends who owned a business together.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that Uncle Lenny, while a nice guy, didn’t tip more than $1 for all 4 bags.

Mr. Woznaski tipped $5 for all 4 bags. After about two weekends, I quickly figured out to do all my business with Mr. Woznaski.  In return the amount of money I made each day increased.

In every business there’s an Uncle Lenny and Mr. Woznaski. Both good/nice guys. One just was a bit easier to ‘sell’ than the other one.

The problem is most businesses focus on convincing the Uncle Lenny’s of the world vs going for the simple sale with Mr. Woznaski.

By the middle of summer, my tip pull each day would be double if not triple compared to the other bag guys on that shift.  On a good day, you’d make $40 in tips. Not too shabby for 1984.

All because I focused on the better tippers in each group. I did my business with the guys who had the cash and ability to pay me well.

Who are the Mr. Woznaskis in your business? Find em, figure out what they’ll pay for the service you have to offer. Then go find those in each group.

Your bottom line will increase and your stress level will decrease.

In my next post you’ll discover how offering an upsell at the club tripled my take each day.



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